Goat Skins
Meatworks slaughter, regular pattern and standard take off.

Salted Goat Skins
Skins are Drum Salted with biocides and fungicides.

Usually offered as 'Run of Production', In stated proportions of 'sounds' and 'cuts' (or first/seconds) commonly 80 / 20.

Approximations, By Visual estimation, not guaranteed.

On Wooden export pallets, with safety salt sometimes added. 18 to 20 pallets per 20 foot container.

Per piece in container load modules, weights not usually indicated because hair content is heavy and variable.

Pickled Goat Skins
Dehaired by lime sulphide system often enzyme assisted. Pickled using conventional sulphuric acid and salt brine fortified with biocides and fungicides; usually lime fleshed.

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